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What is Green UP?

Green Up is a weekly entertainment podcast (releasing on Mondays) focused on gaming, tv, Netflix, movies, podcasts, tech and good old laughs!  
Click on our contact tab then on how to find us, and get some Green Up into your life!
What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital medium consisting of an episodic serise of audio, video, PDF or ePub files subscribed to an downloaded through web syndications or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.  Podcasts have become a very popular medium to broadcast information and allows people and companies to communicate to the masses.

Podcasting and mobile devices have blown up over the last couple of years.  you have many options to listen to podcasts on your Phone, IPod and tablets.

Podcasts are similar to radio programs.  Thier formats can be talk shows, call-in sports shows, audiobooks, poetry, music DJ's, news, sightseeing tours and much, much more!  The big diference between radio and podcasts is podcasts are a series of audio or video files you get on the internet.

You can subscribe to podcast, just like a magazing.  In the same way as a magazine arrives in your mailbox when a new edition comes out, a podcast uses software on your computer, phone or tablet to automatically download new shows whenever they become available.

What does Green Up mean?

Green Up comes from our old days of playing Socom on the PS2, back then the lobbies or servers didn't force start a room, it wouldn't start until everyone readied up or 'Green up'.  Green is from the icon that on the screen was red until you clicked on you were ready and it would change green.  'Green UP!' was often heard was lobbies were getting tired of waiting on someone to ready up.



How do I listen to a podcast?

This is the easiest part! First off, how do you want to listen to it? On the go? At your computer?  At home, it is very easy.  

If you use iTunes, just open iTunes, go to the store and at the top where you can pick 'music', 'movies', 'tv shows' and so on click on 'podcasts'.  From there, if there is a podcast you know by name that you want to listen to, like Green UP then just on the search bar on the right hand side, type in Green UP and search.  From there you can either scroll down the page until you see the chatagory Podcasts or on the right hand side of the screen you can click on Podcasts.  Click on the Green UP name and you will see all our episodes.  Make sure to 'Subscribe' to make sure you get every new episode the day we upload it!

Back on the Podcast home page, there are categories you can search through to find more podcasts to listen to, of course after you listen to Green UP!

On the go? No problem!  There are two great app's for your phone.

If you have an Iphone you should have the Podcast app already on your phone.  it is used just like ITunes.

If you don't have an iOS phone.  Search your apps store for Stitcher Radio and download the app.  You will have to sign up an account, you can use an email or facebook to do so.  After that just search for Green UP, click on the show title and push on the big + to add the podcast to your station, so you never miss an episode.

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