Meet the Green UP staff.


The Green UP Gaming staff is made up of long time friends.  Ryan the owner/host of Green UP wanted to start a podcast and what better way than to surround yourself with your friends.  Ryan and his co-hosts bring you the best podcast they can each week.  Our goal is not just to bring you our opinions and thoughts on the gaming news but to make sure you have a good time too!

Ryan 'Coach'

Host & Owner

The owner and host of Green UP.  Ryan has been podcasting since 2013.  Ryan and his family loves football, he has been coaching high school football since 2005.  Enjoys playing shooters like COD & BF, loves NCAA Football or Madden and is a huge fan of Civ Rev and Tripico.

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Teddy 'Kodi'

Co Host

HEad of Teddy Tech Time!

Little is known about 'Tech Time Teddy' because as soon as someone posts something about him, its gone.  Like it was never there......00111011010110100101010101010101011010100101


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Jeremy 'Twist'

Co Host

Jeremy is a old gamer from the SCEA days! He and Ryan have been gaming together since 2000, once the co leader of VvV, he is a member of SS (the Sea Snipers).  He loves FPS's but won't turn down a good RPG.  Enjoys music and riding his motorcycle, when he isn't defending our Nation!

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Clint 'Jedi'

Co Host

HEad of Geek Talk

Clint is the owner and host of Geek Dig Podcast.  During his attack of world domination, he needed to join forces with Green Up.  Clint has been a friend of the show for a long time and has brought that much needed geekness to the show. 

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Previous Green Up Staff. Episodes 1-62.

Roy 'Snakedoc'
Philip 'Honky'

Little is known about Roy's past (with the exception of Philips stories).  Some have said he was raised by wolves, and was sent to Germany to tear down the wall.  Some have said he is the reason we have the best Special Forces in the world!  When he isn't destorying you online, some have said he is a good ole southern boy, he can be found with a fishing pole in his hand or a rifle.

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Not only is Philip the master of telling stories, but some have said that he is the only person in the WORLD that knows the truth about Roy and his background!  Protected by the San Marino Government, he is known by some as the most important man in the world!

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Jason 'Hutchy'

Hutchy is an old friend of Ryan, and is responsible for getting Teddy and Roy into VvV.  One of the O.G.'s with Green Up, he took a small break, and is back! He has no problem speaking his mind and doesn't care what others think.

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