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Ryan's introduction into Cosplay

As you've heard on Green UP, we met the Portland Superheroes Coalition earlier this year when my daughter was at the Children's Hospital. We met a wonderful young woman named Sierra and she is Wonder Woman! Seriously she is Wonder Woman to my daughter. There is a bond between them that I don't have the words to describe. This summer they were in town and she had my daughter help her throw out the first pitch at our baseball game. I have learned so much about Cosplay and why some do it, Sierra made my daughte a cape, tiarra and wrist bands. I am in the process of finishing the outfit for Rose City ComicCon in Portland this month. The members of the Portland Superheroes Coalition are amazing people and if you get a chance please go like them at their FB page.

I had a not so supportive or positive look on Cosplay, but as I got to know some of the people that do it, and why they do it. I have a new look on it, supportive, curious and respected.


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