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I’m a Fatty #1

I’ve battled being overweight for most of my adulthood.  Many are surprised to here that at one point in my life I was one of the top ranked Matial Artists in the world on the Soort Karate Circuit, I was a 4 year letterman in football and was wasn’t always this fat.

I shared this on one of my latest updates on my Spreaker feed, I got a horrible skin infection and due to the swelling I was in a ton of pain. As of 1 month later the battle is being won but the war is being lost.  I have been to the doctors more in the last month than I have been in the last 10 years.  At every visit they ask you to step on the scale and eve time it’s a reminder of how fat I have gotten.  I remember looking at the scale and thinking I am a large #3 away from 400 lbs!

For the first time in my life I have a doctor am comfortable with and he approached the subject with care and understanding. We talked at lengths at the struggles I face every day but what the reality is and what my future could look like, big picture and the simple fact of my leg not healing. We came up with a great plan and it required me getting an appointment with a registered dietitian and working together to maintain my diet and use some low level medicine. Quickly I learned how my insurance doesn’t want to help m be responsible with my health and denied my referral, I was beaten down by life again. But my doctor didn’t give up and found a way to help make this work. I started my medication and with the support of my family I have started the Keto diet, the science behind it makes sense, it’s not easy by any means! I have been graving sugar so bad, there isn’t anything in my house I can ‘snack’ on but with a week behind me I have found a little grove. I have a follow up on Monday and will get an official weight, but I have already noticed that I got to use a new hole on my belt! I know exercise is going to need to become a part of my life, but one step at a time and I need to find a happy medium with eating no carps and being able to have some fruit now and then or a cookie or chips, but I will wait until I reach a solid milestone. I figure, why not be miserable for a while, right? Still fat....

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