I'm a Fatty #3....

Here I am....A month into this diet and I hit my first plateau. Fuck it sucks! I find myself fasting (skipping) lunch just to cut out calories with the hopes when I step on the scale I will see some change.... I am stuck within a 7 pound range and can't get out of it, there is no rhyme or reason to when I am on the heavier end or on the lighter end. I spoke to a friend today who has been very successful with this diet and he gave me some advice and he too went through the same thing. We will see, at the end of the month I check in with the doc again and I hope to be down another 5-8 pounds by then.

I saw the lympthongegesitolggisytllksn doctor, I have no idea who I saw, but they are helping with the serious issue of swelling in my leg, the one that I got the skin infection in. It was helpful and she seemed pretty supportive and I am hopeful that this new treatment will lead to my leg getting better, this infection getting cleared up and not dealing with the swelling and pain all the time.

I've found myself loosing my will to find cravings these last 2 weeks, I have given into minor temptations and I have tasted the sweet taste of sugar. I don't think anyone really helps prepare you for all the mental hurdles of dieting, the emotional attachments that you get/make with food and how it makes you feel better and then when you deny yourself that food/happy feeling how it effects you personally and your own happiness.

The last couple weeks have been a struggle, the lack of seeing results on the scale make it seem like a zero victory and no matter how hard I try I just can't win. i know exercise again is going to become a key factor in all of this and just trying to find the time to do it. The struggles are getting real and this is when I tend to call it quits and walk away...time will tell.

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