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The end of a great Network

After taking a week off due to my last post being so long, I didn’t really have much of a topic to talk about until 2 days ago. This is a sad week for a few of us independent podcasters, there is a small group of us that started podcasting with in a few weeks of each other and we became good friends on twitter. The History of Bad Ideas, Graphic Novice and Green Up. It was nearly 2 years ago and in that time, some have become closer and some have drifted farther away, but for a short time we were something special. I have admitted I had no real idea what the hell I was doing when I started my show, and one of the big questions that come up with new podcasters is do I join a Network? Which one do I join and does it help my show?

When we first met Jason and Jeff from The History of Bad Ideas Podcast we clicked right away and helped promote each other’s shows. Jason and I had same interest in growing our shows and doing our best, for a very short time we talked about starting our own Network but luckily that never happen (too much work). Jason had found Musings of a Geek Podcast Network and had joined, he told me to get in touch with them and see where it goes. As I got our application in, I hurried to let my dear friends Nickel and VF at the Graphic Novice Podcast know about this great Network.

3 peas in a pod! All our shows got accepted and we started to mingle with some really great shows. The other Podcasters were very helpful to answer our questions and help guide us from making dumb mistakes. Dan from Musings was amazing, a great podcaster, funny guy, solid friend and an outstanding leader. Looking back I regret the decision I made to leave Musings, I know not very many people know (or care) but to me it’s a little stain on our past. I had taken some very bad advice and let other’s opinions cloud my own. But when I got my senses back Dan welcomed me back with open arms!

On the 2nd part of our 100th episode we talked about if joining Networks was really helpful to Podcasters. I feel that it can help and it can also no really do anything for your show. I personally have never found a new Podcast by looking on a Network’s ‘list of shows’ but I have friends that have. I think it is up to what you want to get out of it, clearly content and consistency rules all but if you get on a Network that has good shows and they are all supportive of each other, it can only help. What I mean by supportive is that they help promote other shows on their Network, they communicate and help answer questions you might have and help point out any bad habits or steps you can take.

Word of mouth seems to be the best way to grow your audience (at least that what I have found). If you are on a Network and a show talks well about you, if one of their listeners gives your show a listen and likes it, you’ve gained a listener. #Winning!

As I finish this post up, I am very proud of the opportunity I have had being a part of Musings of a Geek Podcast Network and all the friends I have met being a part of it! I wish Dan nothing but the best and hope he and his are great. Thank you for being a friend, a fellow podcaster and my coach. I hope someday I can get to your part of town Dan, I’ll buy the beers!

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