Interview with Steve Kasan

Wasted A Zombie Geek Comedy



Wasted A Zombie Geek Comedy

Steve Kasan is part of a team working on this project for the CBC ComedyCoup challenge where a winning project will be awarded a prime time special on the CBC Network.

Please have a look at our project page with their trailer:

It is about 4 friends in their mid 30's who find their current lives as a waste have adventures in the Zombie apocalypse. The characters are all of differenct races & ethicities but grew up geeking up about videogames, wrestling, 80's horro movies, comic books, Fox Saturday morning cartoons, etc.

Find them at

Follow them at

Please goto their link where it will just take you less than 2 mins to give them the votes they need to keep them on top of this challenge!

Again the website is


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