Happy Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

For all of you, I have been taking one of my vacations on the week of Thanksgiving every year. It just opened up and I've kept doing it for the last 6+ years. As my wife works in retail, she ends up working a lot! And FUCK Black Friday, this year wasn't too back she only had to work Thursday night.

Im getting towards the end of my vacaction and will be back to work on Monday. I had all these great plans to get a whole bunch of stuff done over this week for Green UP and the site, but I fucking failed. So I thought as I sit here at 11:45pm I'd type something up.

I have a tough time with the holidays. As a few of you know I lost my mom a few years ago and we don't have any family close. I tend to get down and it doesn't take much to get me all 'debbie downer'. I try every year to make the best out of it and be positive and plan things to do with Jillian to make the holidays more specail for her, but its like quick sand the harder I work at it the more I find myself sitting on the couch finding stupid shit to watch and getting annoyed with her.

I've managed to fuck up Thanksgiving, so hopefully I can get turned around and do better for Christmas, as I have that whole week off too. I am just a couple weeks away from being done this term! I CAN'T WAIT!

I am listening to only my 3rd podcast this week, which is bad! But it is what it is. I have gotten to watch a couple movies; Godzilla, Expendables 3 and Live Die Repeat. All three were very enjoyable. I actually made plans with a friend to go to the movies and watch Intersteller, only to have him go watch it the night before with his girlfriend. Thanks fuck face.

I've played more video games too, well played the ones I have only to not play a single one with a friend online. I hope all this is leading up to a great recording this Sunday!

The highlight was we delivered the toys we raised for Doernbecher on Tuesday, they were so happy, and our appointments all went well.

If you get a chance hit us up on twitter @greenuppodcast or email us at greenuppodcasting@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you!

Till next time! Ryan OUT!

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