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Spring ball is back! Its been over a year since I was on the field coaching, it was a long year with a ton of doubts and 'what if's'. My last year coaching was my toughest year, politics, big personalities and differences of opinions led me to taking a year off. During that year off I was able to focus on my family and podcasting, but there was a huge void in my life. Coaching is a huge part of my families life and to have that gone, not just gone but taken away from us felt horrible. The worst part was I wasn't strong enough to put my differences a side and be there for the young men I spent years bonding with and coaching. I learned a lot about myself and what my expectations are of myself.

With a new Head Coach at Willamette, the door was open for me to be a part of something special again. Just to be involved with the program again would be great, but to be desired to be on staff made me feel honored. Football is spiritual for me, the first time I stepped foot on the field was like going back home and you get that feeling in your gut that this is meant to be. The hardships is getting caught up, to the simple form of the process of getting home from work, changed and to the school for practice, then back home. I am very lucky that I have a job that gives me the opportunity to do this. Then there is the speed of the game, being a year away mentally it is hard to get up to speed. I see what needs to be corrected but by the time my brain has seen it, know how to fix it then process how to talk to the athlete, there is another coach already talking to them.

As we gear up for summer, all I know is I know I am where I need to be with this staff. I know I have an important role and the kids missed me. My goal is to do a blog every so often with stories or updates on my season.

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