Tech Time Teddy's top 10 Gifts for Father's Day & Graduation!

On Green Up #74 Tech Time Teddy brought you the top 10 gifts you can get for the Father and Graduate in your life. Right to it!

10. 4k TV, make sure to keep an eye on the refresh rate, make sure its over 60!

9. 4k digital cameras! Record your life in 4k!

8. Soundbars with wireless Sub, and a bluetooth spreaker for the grad.

7. PS4 or Xbox One! A no brainer on this one!

6. Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions.

5. 3D Printer.

4. Wireless grill thermometer.

3. Tablet for a grad and a phablet for the dad (large phone that is almost the size of a tablet)

2. New laptop with broadwell chipset.

1. Green Up T-shirt! YES!!

What NOT to buy for Father's Day & Graduation!

Car GPS, chances are they already have a smart phone that can do this for them.

Apple watch, just a waste of money.

Tie, if they where suits they probably already have every tie they need.

Bluetooth headset, all cars made in the last 3 years have it built into the car.

Kuerig Coffee makers, blah.

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Until next time, Happy Father's Day to all you Fathers out there!


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