Green Up hits Rose City Comic Con!

Its finally over. Green Up has been to their first Con ever! A lot took place this last weekend and I am not going to try and cover it all in one post. But Tech Time Teddy and myself met up in Portland Oregon to explore Rose City Comic Con (RCCC). If you are new to the show, we have been planning this trip for almost a whole year. Michael from Who the What Now?! Podcast and Director of Danger Entertainment is also a comic writter. He was going, so Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks decided they wanted to make the trip as well. A small plan turned into 18 of our podcasting friends making the trip to Portland. Friends from Canada and even a 40 hour train trip that Teddy took to get here!

For me it was more about getting to meet the podcasters that I have became good friends with over the last year listening and interacting with them and their podcasts. I'll admit I was pretty intimedated, stressed and worried that this trip may not turn out to be what I was expecting. Some of the aspects of the trip didn't get reached but I had a great time! Teddy got a ton of video of our time, and we both did some recording. Our goal is to get some finished product to you in a timely manner while keeping our standards of good quality content.

I selected a couple of photos that I took while there. I do not have a good fancy camera, I just have my iPhone 4, and it seems to do the trick. Luckily Doug is going to help set it up for us to share all the content and we can pull from one HUGE box of photos, video and audio from RCCC.

Enjoy these photos, and look forward to more RCCC stories soon!

Outside of the hotel, gathering for our venture to a dive bar

Me with the King and Queen of podcasting! Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

One of our final photos of the day before we broke off. Paul, Doug, Ryan, Henno, Michael, Dave, Annaleis, Teddy & Neil
Photo with my favorite podcasters, Nickel & VF from Graphic Novice!

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