Welcome to the Rust Belt

Welcome to the Rust Belt, is one of the games that I got to check out at this years Indie Gamer Con here in Eugene on 10/2. Developed by Galvanic Games out of Seattle, WA. It is based in a future wasteland of the American Midwest where you play as a 'tow-truckin' scrapper' that drives around a very dirty and burnt out future of the American Midwest. You get to search across the Erie Desert, the Iron Blighted city of Pittsburgh, the Detroit Militarized Zone, and the Chicago Deadlands. Watch the trailer below and see how beautiful this game is!

When I got to try the game out they had the Racing Wheel Controller with pedals, along with the standard controller. The game handles very well and is a lot of fun to play with either controller. My daughter had a great time learning the controls and before too long she was destroying everything in sight! The full version features is a physics-based combat, where you get to collect resources and spend them on upgrades back in town, and challenging enemies, such as a 20' long mutant raccoons and charging drillbillies! The game is set to release in 2016 for PC, Mac & Linux.

I strongly recommend checking this game out! To keep up on all that is happening with this game be sure to check out their webist at www.galvanicgames.com/therustbelt sign up for their newletter and follow them on twitter @galvanicgames.

The team of this great game:

Patrick Morgan (Game Design, Developer)

Royce Mclean (2D Artist)

Taylor Beeghly (Animator, Motion Designer)

Be sure to check out their site, and follow them on twitter and keep an eye on their progress!

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